Master Your Metabolism

Alright, I know I’m so jumpy about different methods and things to try – I admit it, I’m a fad diet kind of girl. I think, “Oh! If I just do this then I can be skinny easily!!” Well, that isn’t the case. My last thing was from skinny bitch where I became a vegetarian, pretty much vegan. I’m not either anymore… I definitely stay away from meat a lot more. In fact, I still haven’t had any meat since I “declared” I wasn’t swearing off meat- but that’s just because it’s a lot of calories. My new thing and I’m going to stick to this (promise!!!!!) is based off a book I read (don’t roll your eyes at me!!!). Okay, the author is my absolute idol who I’m obsessed with and trust with my life- Jillian Michaels. I’ve talked about how much I love her before and I mean it. I honestly believe everything she says. Reading her book, I saw that she went through A LOT that I went through (some of it what I’m currently going through). She helped me discover that processed foods were the devil – I mean, I knew that obviously…but she like scared me to ever eat it again. She also brought up the importance of organic products. I eat strawberries and blueberries like it’s my job and those are probably the biggest items that NEED to be bought organic. They get sprayed with SO many pesticides, it’s actually so gross to think about how many chemicals I’ve consumed in my lifetime. Obviously, your body doesn’t recognize a pesticide so it doesn’t know how to handle it. I won’t just repeat the whole book to you but I’m just sayin, I had to reconsider what I was doing. SOOO now I’m just an all organic freak. Vegetarian freak to organic freak. I’m not gonna go buck wild on the organic food though…I’ll still keep my portions in check. I can’t wait to see how my body reacts to this healthy lifestyle. I strongly recommend checking out her book, Master Your Metabolism:


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