You’re all going to think I’m literally psycho for me calling this a nightmare but I guess I wouldn’t be somewhat interesting if I wasn’t a little coo coo. Last night I had a dream that I had people over for a party- a party as in just girls all hanging out, bringing food, etc…not a rager with alcohol, music, dancing (aka a fun party). Everyone was bringing all these good desserts. Even in my dream I was like no I really shouldn’t, I can’t have a set back this close to school, I’ll be really sad with the number on the scale tomorrow. Then, I kept looking at all the good desserts and said “okay just one” and dug in, then I would see something else that seemed delicious and “Just try” that and it kept going and going until I have literally ate the whole world. When I finally woke up I even was like oh no!!! Until I realized that it was just a dream and I didn’t actually indulge and high calorie desserts. I got in the scale and was so happy with my number- happier than I was eating those cupcakes in my dream. Like I said, I know how cray I sound but this was a good fake lesson to learn before going back to school. The morning is what matters- I know at the time at night after you’ve been drinking, pizza sounds like the best and most important thing in the world. You’re drunk though and not thinking right. The pizza that you stuff your face with at 3am in your apartment will last a total of 2 minutes tops but the fat you’ll gain will last forever- that you have to show in public. This is my biggest fear about going back to school. I’m literally SO excited but I don’t want to throw all this hard work out the window and gain the weight back. It’s way too easy to gain back and so hard to lose. For my line of defense, I’m going to limit my drinking so I don’t black out and make sure that I keep conscious what I’m doing. Usually when I drunk eat, I’m fully aware what I’m doing and know how bad it is but somehow my mind forces it- I go for the worst thing possible because I know my sober self would never allow myself to have such a thing. I need to change that thinking ASAP. It’s not worth it. I’m also going to chase with crystal light (or try to) and definitely avoid soda at all costs. I’m also going to try to just take shots of vodka- no beer, no mixed drink (that’s going to be a toughy if my friends just get beer or want to have a beer night). Peer pressure is the worst thing for weight loss. You don’t want to be high maintenance and not go with the flow but if you don’t make it a big deal, it won’t seem like one. Just think of your body first. They’ll understand when you look smokin’ in your bandage dress while they have beer bellies….However, my biggest weapon will be my scale. Every. single. day I’m going to weigh myself to make sure my weight isn’t creeping up too high. If I gain a pound from the alcohol then I know to be strict with food the next day and push it even harder in my workouts. I refuse to let happen what happened this summer. I got afraid of the scale- and for a good reason. I blinded myself to my weight gain and when I sucked it up and braved it…I was astounded by my weight gain. That all could have been avoided if I just weighed myself daily. I cannot stress enough how important a scale is for weight keeps you on track more than anything else. Buy one and USE IT every day.


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