Ohio State game!

This weekend was insane…hence why I didn’t blog. I really suck I know but we had so many people staying with us and we were always doing something that I actually literally had no time to do anything at all.

This weekend here at Penn State was the Ohio State White Out. So a lottttt of people were coming up. Amy had 3 of her friends come up, Peter came up and some of my other friends had people come up too. In addition to that, Emma and Jamie’s parents both were up and were having a tailgate. We had a little shindig at our of the boys’ apartments before the tailgate at 11. It was “Mimosas and McGriddles” aka everyone just drink mimosas and eat the food the boys cooked. People were funneling mimosas and Emma and I started up mimosa flip cup. It was fun but it was short lived because Emma Peter and I went to the tailgate before anyone else to go help set up. They literally had any food you could possibly ever want..I was in heaven. It was pretty far away so it took people a while to get there but once everyone did, it was a complete blast. I literally had the bestttt time there. Their parents were awesome and were so fun. We were playing slap cup and flip cup with them and parents are hilarious to play games with because they’re usually so terrible and don’t play it right but it’s funny to watch. Also, when they do succeed (like if they actually flip their cup over when playing flip cup), it’s 400 times a bigger deal and celebration than anyone else. We basically just played games and ate the entire day. We even played dizzy bat and the best was when Peter did it and was stumbling so much after he did it that he ran into another tailgate hahahah. —If you don’t know what dizzy bat is, it’s when you chug a beer and how ever many seconds it takes you to chug, you have to spin around with your head on the bat and then they pitch the crush beer can you just chugged at you and you try to hit. It’s hilarious because you’re drunk, dizzy, and stupid— Anyway, I was so sad when the tailgate was over but it was time to go in to the game. Beaver Stadium is so magical at night and especially with a white out. Unfortunately, I suck, and couldn’t last long so I went home and slept until everyone got home and we got ready for the night.

Me and all my friends dressed up as kids on a rope which is really well known at Penn State…it’s a bunch of little kids that walk around campus together with their teacher and walk together holding a rope. I guess it’s some preschool or something that does it as their recess but you spot it and it’s a big deal. Basically we all dressed as little kids and held on to a rope that was led by Peter, who was dressed as a mom. It was so hilarious and when we were walking to the party dressed as kids, Peter kept saying “whores for sale” and I literally could not stop laughing it was hysterical. The looks we were getting were priceless. We got to the party and it was PACKED- you could literally feel the heat outside the door. Literally all of us went on to the couch and danced together so we weren’t int he huge crowd of people grinding but still got to dance. It was so actually so fun and I had a good time- plus I was comfy as ish in my little kids clothes so I was such a happy camper. I always have fun with Peter, though, so I knew it was gonna be a good time. Unfortunately, security came and broke up the party so we just went back to our apartment and smoked and ate a shit ton of food (yeah I gained a massive amount of weight this weekend it’s disgusting) and just chilled and ended the weekend on a relaxed, fun note. This weekend was a blast and I’m so sad it’s over but this whole entire week is gonna be so fun too so that’s what’s getting me by. Woo Halloweek! :)


ps. pray 4 me making it through Hurricane Sandy- and if you’re on the east coast I’ll pray for you too. Stay dry!!!

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