Sorry it completely slipped my mind to blog buttttt yesterday was the one month mark to my 21st birthday!!!! Yee I cannot wait.

Okay anyways, Saturday night…we started at Lauren and Jill’s apartment. They invited the rugby boys over to pregame with us too. Like I was complaining about last post, they are NOT fun anymore. We were all just sitting around, people were hardly taking shots. It just was not a good time so me and Emma decided we had to leave and move on to the next place. My friend Connor (one of my best friends who I always hung out with freshman year) was FINALLY having a party after all the weekends I’ve begged him to. I like them because they’re always just trying to have a good time and get drunk. Those are my kind of people. They made a huge tub of jungle juice that Emma and I were immediately drawn to as we entered in to the door. We got a drink of that and my friend Kyle asked me to be his pong partner so I started playing. Magically I was amazing so we were on the table for a VERY long time- hence why I got so drunk. This is where the blurry explanation starts… I don’t know how we got off the table because we were undefeated (I know this because I obnoxiously kept saying it the entire night). Then, somehow I’m in Connor’s neighbor’s apartment in a room with 2 guys I know but not good friends with and two complete strangers…and a cat. I’m guessing this is why I was drawn to going there because I’m obsessed with cats and just want to play with one. I drunkenly was devising a plan to capture the cat and accidentally said it in front of the owner when we went back to Connor’s. Emma left at this point with everyone (they ended up coming after they stayed at Lauren and Jill’s for a while longer) but I wanted to stay and hang out with all ma boyz a little longer. I’m talking to everyone blah blah and there’s this one guy who is friends with all my close guys friends and I know him … just not too well. WELL I think he’s so cute and always love him when I see him. He was in the room with the cat and he was SO adorable petting it I just wanted to die. I remember standing next to him talking but LORD KNOWS what the eff came out of my mouth. I don’t even want to think about it. Next, I wanted to go meet up with everyone and I guess forced one of Connor’s roommates, Dave, to walk with me to the apartment. He said he was going to another apartment close by so I convinced him to walk me to my place first. Dave and I have a very weird relationship. He always sarcastically shits on me and acts like he hates me but deep down really doesn’t. He’s actually really hot but the way our relationship is made me never think of it before. Anyways, he took me into the apartment and didn’t want to go in…I mean I guess I understand I wouldn’t want to go in to a rugby party either if I was a random dude. Problem is, I was too drunk I couldn’t find the right apartment. I was wandering around looking for it and finally gave up. Some guy that found me felt bad for me and walked me allllll the way home (sounds safe, right?) but he was actually really nice and we parted ways a little before my apartment so I knew he wasn’t a creeper. I got back and Jessica is in the apartment with her new boy she JUST met and they’ve hung out like everyday. I ate my life away and was sexiled on the couch for the night. SWEET! Also, I don’t remember this but I definitely threw up because there was some on my shirt and residue in the sink haha so gross. I felt like I was going to die the next day but I can go in to detail with that in my post tomorrow. Just know I woke up with puke on my shirt….and by shirt I mean the shirt I wore out with also my jeans I wore out, and my hoops and all. HAHA IM SUCH A MESS!!


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