Saturday night

The Saturday night post is long overdue but MUST be documented. My friend Emma who I always talk about (she’s in my close friend group) lives in the building 50 yards away from mine. She lives with girls she was closer with in the beginning of last year and are more her “side friends” and the rest of us have developed in to her like main group of friends. BUT we all get along so it works out. Her and her roommates wanted to have a party since school started and it was lookin like Saturday was going to be the night. They went all out and got 2 kegs and 10 handles. They made jungle juice too so they rocked in terms of alcohol. Me and all my friends got there early to decorate – hahah JUST kidding… you can replace decorate with pregaming. We were pregaming pretty hard but people started coming and Brittany and I realized we needed to get a lot more drunk before we got in to a huge group of these people. We always hang out with the rugby boys as you know so obviously they were coming but the group was going to mixed up quite a bit because of Emma’s other roommates. I was interested to see how everyone would mesh and HOPE everyone would get along- the rugby boys can get defensive and like territorial with us it’s weird sooo I was praying it’d be okay. Everyone was piling in and I said hi and whatever but went back in to Emma’s room with Brittany and a couple other people and started taking more shots. I honestly thought that I didn’t black out this night but when I go back to remember it it’s very very fuzzy. I remember just going back and forth between Emma’s room and the living room saying hi to people and dancing and then going back to more of a talking, chillin environment. Emma’s roommates are good friends with my guy friends from freshman year that I’d hang out with everyday – and still hang out with and keep close contact with (just don’t ALWAYS party with them every weekend) – so I was happy to see them. Then Sean came in and it’s weird we always find each other and then just stick together the rest of the night. This is where it’s really fuzzy I don’t really remember what happened or what was said but I know I’m in the bedroom talking in a circle with Sean, Emma, and some black kid that no one knew. See, Emma’s apartment is on the ground floor so her sliding glass door goes out on to the street/parking lot of her building so it was kind of cool the party was inside and spilling outside in the streets as well. My point of saying this is anyone could just pop in if they were passing by. That’s what we thought of this kid because we literally did not know him at all. He’s talking to Sean about rugby or something and I’m just sitting there, drinking, clearly have nothing to contribute and all the sudden he starts blasting me saying how I’m a snobby spoiled white bitch and literally going OFF. It was seriously out of no where and I just replied like “I don’t know why you’re saying this” like not fighting back at all because it was stupid. He was like I bet daddy pays for everything doesn’t he?! Like leave me alone !!! Sean didn’t really say anything at first because he thought it was funny but eventually made him stop and everyone kicked the kid out. Sean kept apologizing to me for literally this kid shit on me for so long because he just thought it was a joke but realized how serious it was. I mean you’re not my boyfriend or my dad but even as just a friend I’d expect you to help me out. Definitely wasn’t mad though because it’s not that big of a deal and the fact that he even was apologizing was cute. That same kid was fighting with more of the rugby boys outside so he clearly sucked- I don’t know if they were fighting because of how mean he was to me or not but this guy hadddd to go. I went outside for one second (where everyone was) but freaked out because I hate fighting so I went back inside and John came in and was asking me about everything with the guy and I told him about the incident and he was being oddly nice and was talking to me for a while. That ship has sailed though so I wasn’t going to go in to that and I kind of did it with bitterness like HA you blew it- could have had me.. And then Sean came up and I went with him. Then blurryness but I somehow got back to my apartment and then I’m literally on my way to my bed and I hear a knocking on the door and it’s Brittany …. and Sean. So clearly he came for me and he refused to sleep over my apartment because of Jessica so I had to walk allllllllllllll the way to his apartment with him. I honest to god passed the eff out as soon as I got there though. Like there’s no way we even made out. He was probably so pissed but it’s his fault for making me walk all the way over there with him! I woke up at like 7am confused as ish and just bounced asap. I passed another girl on the walk back and we kind of just looked at each other like “yuuuup” hahaha walk of shame bonding… I get back to the room and Jessica has a guy in her bed. He’s on the rugby team so I knew him and she was hooking up with him all night but I thought it was hilarious he was actually sleeping over. She woke up when I came in and we both gave each other shit for being sluts (even though I literally just took a nap at Sean’s apartment from 4-7am technically) and went back to sleep. Interesting night… I had fun ! and Emma’s party was a success so I was happy for her. Sunday morning we were all so sad the weekend was over though. We always get that post-weekend depressing while we’re recapping. One of our favorite things to do the night after going out is getting together and discussing everything that happened the night before the put the pieces together. It’s not so bad when you have one or two nights ahead of you to go out again but when it’s Sunday and you have to wait all the way till Thursday to go out again…it’s rough. I hate reality and would rather just live in my drunken, going out world.


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