self control- money wise

I have been having the HARDEST time ever trying to not spend money lately. I literally want everything. Well, not everything..just everything when it comes to clothes, shoes, accessories – those kinds of things. I just bought new combat boots online and now I keep seeing girls wearing all these cute falls clothes and things that I just want SO BAD. I have an online shopping addiction. I’ve talked about this many times before but it truly is bad. It seems so easy put to punch in my debit card number and it just be delivered to me. I’m trying to be rational and think about the things before I buy them and make sure I truly want and/or need them. Before I would just buy and now I save it under my favorites and wait a day or two and see if I still want it. I’ve actually dropped a lot of things with this method. If I didn’t do that they’d be on my way to my apartment right now and my bank account would be pitiful. I love buying new things and having lots of stuff, as most girls do, but considering how broke I am, it’s not a good passion to have. I’m really trying to have self control but it’s hard. Right now I have about 10 tabs up of things I’m looking at -____- I wish I had all the money in the world then this wouldn’t be so hard. Or maybe if my dad actually gave me money EVER to buy anything then possibly I could splurge on some new things but NO. Ugh SOS! HELP ME! MAKE ME STOP!


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