So the night of my last blog post, I went to a party at one of the guys rugby apartment – with a theme of neon. I was wearing a crop top and high waisted shorts … Not too sure how secure I felt about my outfit but it was the only neon stuff I had. Last time this party was so crowded (I need to blog about that night tomorrow, very eventful) but this time it was a lot more intimate. Instead of crowded people pushing each other, we just had a bunch of people we knew. We started the night trying a dance party and then that fizzled out and we all just went in the back room and sat and drank casually. I ended up seeing Sean back there and he said hi and came over and sat next to me. We talked the whole entire night, literally the whole night and I found a lot about him and know him better now. I like him as a person and the conversation was easy. We left together and went to his apartment. He obviously wanted to have sex but I told him I wasn’t like that… I don’t wanna get hurt and have more respect for myself. He kept trying to convince me and then after I kept saying no, he stopped and apologized for trying to push it. I slept over (-___-) but it was cute. I was wearing all his clothes and he’s all muscular and hot so I did not mind it at all. Waking up I was like what the fuckkkkk but I wasn’t that drunk … Obviously knew what happened and I was happy I told him no. I had to do the walk of shame but I did it at like 730 so not too many people saw me. Jessica texted me with a picture of my empty bed asking where I was like poking fun. I had to tell her and she said she wasn’t mad but keeps jokingly calling me a back stabbing whore.. Like KEEPS though. It’s so excessive I don’t even know what to do. Last night we were talking again and she came in and saw us and gave us an evil eye and tweeted at me that I was a slut. Again, she’s joking but chill. Like Sean saw it and thought she’s freaking crazy. He said he doesn’t want to get involved so me and him might be done now :/ it sucks and it’s stupid but whateverrr. Hate this.


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