so far, so good

Ok so I’ve gotten through Thursday and Friday night without drunk eating but I’ve also been extremely extremely cautious. Like I’ve left parties early and went home and went to bed so I wouldn’t go over the edge. I won’t be this psycho once I’m at my goal but now that I’m here and so close, it’s hard not to be concerned and just make that one final push. I also have been feeling way under the weather so I’m not exactly in the mood to party. Like last night…Lauren and Jamie’s roommate has the same birthday as Lauren (she was the first one to turn 21) but their roommate, Pamela, is a year younger and that night she was in the hospital with her boyfriend because he got surgery SO she had her party last night. I was watching a movie with my roommates and fell asleep at like 6 for a half hour and after I woke up I was just in this tired daze for the rest of the night. I even drank 2 cups of coffee and that did nothing. I thought shots would maybe wake me up but when we got there and I just could not snap out of it. It was so strange…I think it was the combination of the nap making me tired and the excess sometimes has the reverse effect on me. Anyways, I was not having fun so I made an excuse to go home and just went to bed again. I woke up this morning feeling nauseous- not hungover nauseous but sick nauseous and I think it was from the 4 cups of coffee (when I usually have 2) and me being sick from the change in weather. I ran the 5k this morning for THON which I really really didn’t want to run I wanted to walk!! But the people I did it with insisted. I’m glad I got some exercise in but right now I feel like I’m dying. It was way too cold and early for me. Ughh lord help meeee..


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