Say goodbye to splenda, sweet n low, equal, and let alone regular sugar…this should be no secret but I feel like not too many know about this miracle worker. This zero calorie sweetener has been a huge and beautiful change in my diet and I think everyone should sing from the mountain tops for its existence. I just don’t even understand why anyone would have anything but it. Let me explain…

Before I cared about dieting, I would add sugar to anything that I thought needed a little sweetness. Then, I got older and cared more about my body and that’s when I switched to artificial sweeteners. I knew little about this but just knew they were zero calories…and that’s all I worried about. Then, I became more educated and initially learned about the truth of artificial sweeteners. I found out they could actually make you eat more since the sweetness/zero calorie combo can confuse your body and want it to satisfy the calorie needs to taste that sweetness. I thought, ahh- I’m conscious about my weight and my calories so there’s no way it’ll cause me to overeat since I write everything down and know exactly what I’m eating. This IS true but these artificial sweeteners are SO bad for your body and you really need to nix them out of your system. They can eff up your metabolism first of all and that’s BIG with dieting. Enough about the bad stuff and on to the good news. There is now an all natural sweetener- Stevia! (Also Truvia as the brand name) It’s zero calories and like I said is natural- no toxic, gross chemical mumbo jumbo. You can enjoy your sweetness without guilt now!!! PLEASE look in to this sweetener. It’ll change your life.


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