Sorry I’ve been a hermit and hibernating while studying for my business law exam today. Everyone says it’s so hard so I was trying really hard to fully prepare and hopefully pull out a good grade. I started Monday and wrote out every thing from the slides on notebook paper. It’s like alllll definitions and so much info that it was too overwhelming all out on paper. So, I had to rewrite everything out again but on flash cards this time. The cards were definitely a better option and it actually helped to write it out again. I don’t know if it’s just me but when I write it out and say it in my head, a lot of it sticks with me. I only wrote out the first half of the powerpoint slides and learned them and then the next day did the second half. It came a lot easier to me than I thought and breaking it out made it way less stressful. I suggest thing approach if you have a definition heavy course. So happy the exam is over though!!! It went a lot better than I expected since I pretty much knew everything she covered. There was only 30 questions, though, so a couple slip ups could result in a low score. I’m really nervous to get my grade back but like I said at least it’s done!!!


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