Studying for finals

I understand most of you are probably done finals at this point (lucky) but somehow Penn State is a week later than everyone else this year. My main tips I have to give for studying for finals, since there’s so many exams cramped up into such a small time period, are to start early and manage your time. It’s a good idea to make a schedule, allotting times for each class to study for. Since your workload is so built up, you need to begin much earlier than you would normally. Maybe prepare a study guide or flash cards a couple weeks before so you’re ready to go with them when the time comes. It’s also important to just breathe. Yes, it’s overwhelming but going in with a game plan will certainly calm you down and just remember you WILL get through them and it’ll be a thing in the past sooner than you know. You just gotta stick it out and study your little heart out. You can do it!


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