I have been so incredibly busy between being sick and schoolwork. I know I’ve been sucking a lot and I cannot see myself getting any better this week. I didn’t go out Wednesday or Thursday but I couldn’t resist going out Friday and Saturday. Both nights were mediocre and I’m actually pissed I went out because they weren’t really worth it. I also drunk ate both nights and feel horrible about myself. I had one exam today and I have a test in my hardest class, Business Law, on Thursday. Soooo I’ve just been super busy studying and trying to get my shit together. However…we JUST signed our lease for our house next year which is super exciting. Our landlord is a freaking weirdo but we were so late in the game that we took anything we could get. We were just happy we got to all live together for our last year. I wasn’t so much in to the house movement but the more we got in to it, the more I got excited. (Plus, I won’t have to live with Jessica anymore hehe- I’m such a bitch but I would probably go crazy if I had to live with her again.) I get my own room, too, which is AWESOME. I wanted my own room so bad and I finally got it. I think it’s gonna be really fun and no matter the condition of the house, we’ll always make it work. Well that’s just me checking in, I gotta go study some more (shoot me now) but hopefully I can step up my blogging game for ya!


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