sylly weeekkk & boyz

Syllabus week has been insane. We’ve kept up with the drinking every night (I’m so proud) and have been pretty crazy. Since all of us are all in apartments now, we have a lot of places to go..not only to pregame but also to party! It’s awesome. We pretty much have been going to the rugby boys’ apartments – which I enjoy… I love them and have a lot of fun with them. If you’re wondering about John and how it’s been with him, I’m proud to say that I’m completely over it. I’m so happy because I would feel so pathetic still worrying about him. After knowing there was tension with us and one of my best friends here, it just wouldn’t feel right and wouldn’t even be the same if I hooked up with him again. I just lost any and every interest. It’s great. Saturday night I semi- hooked up with another guy on the rugby team, Sean. He’s so hot but weird…in a funny way though. As you’ve probably picked up from my blogs, I’m weird as ish too so it works. He kept talking to me Saturday and we were together the whole night. The only problem is that my direct roommate is obsessed with him. Everyone knows it and it’s been going on for far too long. She makes it so obvious and he makes it obvious he doesn’t want her. I kept saying to Sean I can’t because of Jessica and he was getting so pissed because he doesn’t like her at all and they’ve never even hooked up. It’s weird how much she loves him but I don’t want to create any unnecessary tension between us, even though there shouldn’t be any since there’s nothing between them. I don’t know what’s gonna happen but I wish I could pursue it a little. It’s time for me to like actually interact with guys…it’s been way too long. Sean is always at the parties I go to so I’ll probably see him tonight. We’ll see what happens…


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