No, no. I did not get tatted today, my dad would chop my head off…but my best friend did! This is her second tattoo. I was there for the first and I sure as hell was gonna be there for the second. The first one she got was at senior week – it’s a peacock feather on her foot and it’s adorable. This time she got wings with some yoga symbol thing in the middle. It looks really cute and I love how it turned out but I want to warn against tattoos. First of all, she had been thinking about this second one for about a year and a half. She really wanted to get it last summer and she had a completely different idea of what she was going to get done back then. She changed it up and personally I think it looks 400x better than her old idea but that goes to show how quickly you can change your mind. Tattoos are permanent. Not to mention they’re super expensive and hurt like hell. You better have a pretty damn big connection to whatever symbol, phrase, word, name, whatever you get inked on your body because you will be looking at that sucker for the rest of your life. Your 85 year old, wrinkly self will even lay eyes on it day in and day out. I think tattoos can be really beautiful and are great, especially, when they have a lot of meaning. I’m just saying…don’t jump the gun and decide one day you want a tattoo. Think it over and plan it out. Decide if it’s what you really want and THEN decide if it’s what you in 5, 10, 20, 50 years really wants. Sure, you could always get it removed but talk about all that unnecessary pain and wasted money. Think before you ink!!!!!!!!!! (dang, that was a pretty cleaver little line I pulled out of my ass- proud of myself)


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