The long overdue 21st birthdays post

Alright so only a whole week late -___- I apologize. Two of my really good friends turned 21 recently which is mind blowing that the process has already started! I still have till January but now that my friends have begun to be legal it’s becoming more and more of a reality.

So Lauren turned 21 first and it was last Saturday after the Navy game. We went over to her place to pregame since clearly we all can’t go to the bars with her. Her one friend bought her a bottle of Ciroc and the group all bought 3 bottles of Burnett’s and a ton of beer for the entire pregame so we were definitely set. We just started the night just our friends and then everyoneeeee came- all of our good friends and then Lauren’s friends from home and random friends she has outside of our main friends. The place was PACKED. We had an initial plan of Lauren only taking 6 shots but that quickly escalated and she ended up getting SO wasted so fast. She was hilarious and just loving life. It was so cute. At midnight we sang to her and sent her on her way with her one friend she knew from home that was 21 and another girl we’re pretty good friends with that turned 21 the week before. The next day Lauren told us she was so drunk she only had a sip of beer at the bar and that she doesn’t remember anyone coming to her pregame- only like us 8 girls and then she regained consciousness later when she was at the bars. Her mom met up with her and her older sister so that was good and she said she had like the best day/night of her life so that was definitely a success!

Jill was the next to turn 21 and that was Tuesday night going into Wednesday. I felt kind of sick so I decided I wasn’t going to drink but I’d of course go since it’s her birthday and especially because it’s her 21st. We get there and it’s some of our guy friends and half of our group and everyone’s just chillin, waiting for people to come, taking shots randomly. That was easier to pass up for the sole reason there wasn’t enough shot glasses to go around for everyone and it was such a small group that it wasn’t a big deal. Then, they started playing games and it’s impossible to play games and not drink so that killed me…I just stood off to the side all sober and boring. Emma got there late because she had a meeting and we always take shots together so seeing her face when I said I wasn’t drinking made it evennnn harder. More and more people started piling in and were all taking shots and whatnot so I gave in and said EFF IT I’M DRINKING! My rationale was that it is disrespectful to not drink on your friend’s 21st birthday hahah.. I ended up having a lot of fun, though. The pregame had a huge turn up considering it was a Tuesday night. I talked to Sean for a little but I was a little stand offish to him so then he barely talked to me the rest of the night which was fine..I was talking to a lot of different people and just taking shots and having fun. Then it turned midnight and we once again sang and sent Jill off on her way. We got a text from Lauren since she could obviously go with her saying she dropped her ID down a grate. We were all freaking out but they somehow got it out and she went to her first bar. There’s a rule here you can’t take shots for 36 hours after you turn 21 because so many people have either gotten really really drunk and were hospitalized or even died from going so crazy. The rule is annoying though and I’m pissed about it. Anyway, Jill’s sister was up for her 21st and ordered a round of shots. At this bar when you turn 21, they give you a hat so it’s really obvious and they saw her taking a shot and kicked her out right away haha. She just moved on to her next bar though and had fun too. She didn’t get too drunk and she had 2 of her sisters and Lauren to watch after her anyway so it was alllll good.

So now 1/4 of our friends (2 out of the 8) are of age!!! So insane! I mean we’re happy that now we don’t have to text around begging people for alcohol but it sucks that we all can’t go to bars together. :/ It hasn’t distanced us too much yet but I’m hoping it doesn’t as the year goes on.


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