Thirsty Thursday (9/13)

After a grueling week of sobriety, I was more than ready to go out  on Thursday. Especially after my whole issue at the career fair, I wanted to let loose. The boys (rugby team) was having a social with the nurses (Yeah, I don’t get why, either) so they were doing that for the pregame… which was fine with us because we usually like to pregame jus da gurlzzz anyway. After the social, it was a gym bros and yoga hoes party – aka the boys wanted to look at our butts in yoga pants. I was fine with this theme because it was comfy as shit and will take 5 seconds to get ready. We went to Lauren and Jill’s apartment to pregame and since we didn’t drink all week we found we got drunk SO much faster than normal. It was crazy how low our tolerance dipped. I was seriously buzzed after 2 shots and that’s unheard of for me. Needless to say, we were all hammered so quick and were just dancing on chairs and having so much fun. We eventually made it to the party and it was packed with so many randos (I’m guessing nurses) but it was still fun. We were all so drunk to care what anyone thought and we usually don’t anyway so there was just a lot of dancing and sloppy behavior. Like 3 of my girl friends made out and Emma and I were on the couches (that’s apparently my new thing). Emma said she was so blacked out and wasted but I barely noticed haha. It was just a huge sloppy fest but not in a gross way, it was fun. I saw Sean there but there is this one girl that sometimes comes around and is literally OBSESSED with him. Emma and I call her clinger because she will NOT get away from him. It’s literally hilarious to watch. She’ll dangle her arms over his shoulders and like not let go and you can just see the look on his face. Poor guy… Sorry I’d help you but it’s way too funny. Emma and I were feigning for shots as we always were but they were completely out..even of jungle juice. We were already wasted though so it was probably best we didn’t. John invited us back to smoke at his place and I had every intention of doing so but when we passed my apartment I just wanted to go home so badly I like ran away and went home. Oopz. I just didn’t want to walk alllllll the way there and allll the way back. Too much effort. It was a fun night though… we all paid for it Friday morning but definitely fun.



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