this weekend- Thursday

I’ve been a complete mess (clearly as I haven’t blogged in forever).. I had an exam Thursday which I was studying my butt off for and when that was over I was so happy and just wanted to party. I wanted to reward myself so much to the point where I ate so much food, stuffing my face and that led to going over and drinking and drunk eating. -____- (I SUCK I KNOW) Thursday night we pregamed at my apartment and then went to one of the rugby apartments per usual. When we first got there they were completely out of alcohol but luckily my one friend who was at the bars that decided to come picked up some beers and the party was back in place. I feel like I hadn’t been out with everyone in forever so it was nice to see everyone but of course it was the same ol sheit that we always do. I had the mindset that it was gonna be like that so I was just like okay I want to get drunk and we’ll make this fun. With that mindset, I actually had so much fun. We just took over the music and all were dancing and had so much fun. The boys unfortunately had a social with the freaking equestrian team before the party and all the girls didn’t take the hint to leave and lingered at the party the entire night. They were so weird (as expected) … half of them were staring at us dancing and the others were attempting to dance by themselves. It was just really weird and awkward but we ignored them and like I said it was our own, fun night. I had a blast for once and I feel like it was all because of my attitude. If I’m going in to the party thinking UGH this is gonna suck and I don’t do anything to fix that, then it’s gonna suck. I was still really pissed about how gross I ate, though. I really need to be hypnotized or something to get me to stop being such a victim of food. I’ll blog about Friday night tomorrow since each night needs its own post- it was a pretty crazy weekend…especially Saturday night and now that I’m not a hot mess I’ll be back on my blogging grind (my apologies :) )


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