Time management

Time management is definitely the most important aspect of college. You need to get your shit done so you can go out and have fun and experience the fun that college has to offer. That being said, you can’t just eff out all the time..you NEED to get it together. Work hard, play hard people! I have some suggestions in order to manage your time properly and that way you can go out stress free AND still do well in school. You waste as little time as possible this way while also still getting to go out and have fun and alsoooo doing well. What could be better?!

Okay, you’re probably thinking- “well you’re completely disregarding the painful experience of actually doing the work.” Trust me I KNOW but you’re going to do it eventually so why wouldn’t you just do it at once while being focused then spread it out way longer than it has to be?!

Okay so I’m already a huge advocate of a planner. It is ESSENTIAL in college. Professors will rarely remind you of assignments and you don’t meet every day like in high school so you’re basically on your own to remember to complete assignments. I write every single thing I need to do, even if it’s not school related, just so I will remember. Write it down right away so you don’t stand a chance of forgetting. This will ensure you get it done so you can cross it out when it’s completed.

An extension of this is a to do list. Sometimes when I have so much to do I tackle it day by day and write down on a post it note everything I want to get done in that day. I even include things like “go to gym” that I do regularly anyway. I like adding in little extras because the satisfaction of crossing things out is awesome to me (alright I’m a little weird I knowww).

For a more long term scope, you want to split up your time so that you don’t have a huge workload the date before the exam or due date.
– for exams: this is my strategy. I write out everything I need to know for the exam 3 nights before. Then, 2 nights before I learn/memorize half of the information and the night before I learn the second half. This takes a lot of stress and pressure off you and is a lot more work per night. Less work means you have more time to process the information instead of just cramming it in your brain and risk drawing a blank on the test.
– for assignments: I always read what the assignment is right when it’s assigned. This way, I know how much time and effort needs to be put in it and I can plan accordingly. Sometimes I just bang it out that night to get it over with or sometimes I’ll divide it into parts to spread it out over a long period of time. This will make the assignment seem a lot less of a hassle since I basically turned it into a lot of mini projects.

College is all about responsibility – I mean, school is the true reason you’re there and you don’t want to waste all that money (tuition). However, it doesn’t have to be study study study work work work 24/7. Just manage your time right, get it done, and have fun! You CAN have a social life and excel in school, trust me!


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