Worst. Professor. Ever.

My marketing research teacher has got to be the person I’ve ever hated the most. He’s an idiot and doesn’t know what he’s talking about but talks out his ass like he does. He’s such a jerk when we don’t know the answer but at the same time he teaches us the wrong thing!! I’m not even kidding. We went reviewed today for the exam we have on Thursday. He contradicted himself multiple times and would not have corrected himself unless we called him out. I’m still not sure which side is true. He kept going against the answers on the practice exam too. He confused the shit out of everyone and we were all getting so frustrated. If we asked him a question he had to go look back in the slides when even the girl next to me and I knew the answer. Like no wonder I struggle with this class the professor doesn’t even know the material. It’s so unfair because no matter how hard I try I can’t possibly do well if I’m being taught wrong. He literally spent 10 minutes going over a definition and when he went to the next slide it said the opposite of what he said and instead of just admitting he was wrong he said it “depends on how you interpret it.” He doesn’t own up to any of his mistakes and TRUST ME there’s way too many. I’m in such a bad mood right now because of him and I feel so hopeless studying. He sucks and I can’t wait till we rate our professors at the end of the semester, I’m gonna rip him a new one. Mwa ha haaaaa take that a hole.


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