YOP class

As you all know I’m required to take this Youth Offenders Program in place of being charged with an underage- as well as losing my license of course. It’s 4 hours Monday and Wednesday for 2 weeks. I just had my third session. The sessions are really long but it’s really not that bad. It’s a lot of sharing stories and very informative and interesting. It’s fun to hear everyone’s stories (including the instructors- they’ve had the worst stories out of all of us. Hence, why they know educate). I feel like I’m learning a lot in regards of how to handle alcohol and the effects but also how to avoid getting in trouble. I’ve learned a lot of techniques and things I didn’t know at all about the legal side of things with drinking. Tonight they even had a cop come in and he told us what they look out for and stuff. It’s never a lecture it’s a very accepting environment, almost even joking about it, but mostly it’s there to help us so we don’t keep getting in trouble. I seriously want my children to take this before they start possibly experimenting because you learn a hell of a lot and can avoid a lottttt of trouble both with your health, addiction, and legally. The only downsides are the cost and time commitment but other than that I find it very interesting.


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