College Email

Hey Y’all! Tonight’s post is going to be shorter because I had no time to write it ahead of time, and I have a party to be at when I am finished writing. Today was move in day for me, and I will probably blog about that within the next few days. It was jammed packed with activities and so are the next few days. Now for today’s tip.

My classes start on Monday, and I have already received emails from two out of my six professors. Their emails contained valuable information such as why I really needed to buy my textbook or access program, the syllabus, and stuff along that lines. These emails were sent to my college email(the one that ends in .edu). I know a person who didn’t check their email to the other day, and he found out that he was suppose to move in the next day. He had to rush to pack and load his car. I strongly suggest checking your college email now if you already have not because it will contain important information. Emails from your professors might also contain homework assignments due the first day. I know you have not even moved in, and you have to read a passage or answer questions.


A Screenshot of an Email from My Professor. Photo Taken From My Computer.

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