Communal Bathrooms and Caffeine Withdraw

I waited until my second night(Thursday) to take a shower. I went when a majority of the girls from my hall were gone. My roommate said they went to go play volleyball, but it turned into dodge ball. Which is strange because there is no volleyball nets around. Anyway, minus one girl coming into pee, I was the only one in the bathroom during my whole shower. It was not as bad as I thought it would be. The weirdest part was showering in flip flops since I never done that before. I suggest that you find a time where the bathroom is dead to take a shower. Going during peak times might mean waiting in line for a stall. If you do go during a busy time, keep your shower brief to allow other girls the chance to get a shower. Do not hog the stall!

Our hall bathrooms only have one sink with knobs to control temperature. The rest are motion sensor, so I have grown use to brushing my teeth with warm water rather than cold. It’s not bad for washing your face or hands though. Also, clean up any hair you might shed or anything of that nature. Do not leave personal items behind. Just don’t.

On a different note, I have cut down my caffeine intake a lot since moving to college. Not necessarily by choice, but I only have water bottles in my dorm at the moment. When I go to the Caf, I try to make healthier choices, so I opt for juice or flavored water. I have cut back to one bottle a day, but yesterday I had gone almost forty eight hours without soda. I was starting to feel the side effects of caffeine withdraw, and I had just come back from smoking Hookah. I got to my room and decided to go down to the basement to the vending machines to get a Dr. Pepper. I live on the fifth floor. I took the elevator down, and I realize that the soda machine is unable to take my Spartan Card(My ID card that you use for everything), so I have to pay in cash. No big deal. I open my wallet to realize I have one single left(I had used the rest of my cash for tips while I was out), and my coin purse was back in my dorm room. I returned to my dorm to grab my wallet and once again headed to the basement for caffeine. I put in the money, and the whole machine is out. Worst of all, I only got my quarter back instead of the $1.25 it owed me. I returned to my dorm with one less dollar in my pocket and an extreme caffeine craving. I ended up grabbing a bottle of water and curling up in my bed for the night. At least, my roommate went to sleep in another dorm room with some of her high school friends, and I had the room to myself.


Photo Take From My I-Phone/ On another note, my campus Starbucks has a wide selection of German chocolate.

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