Don’t Go Home

It is the first official weekend of the school year at my school, and people are talking about plans to go home. Being eight hours from home, I do not have this luxury instead I get to explore my campus. Even if I could go home, I do not think I would. I am sure people have their reasons such as forgetting something or homesickness, but I can not justify going home so soon. It would just mean another round of painful goodbyes by the end of the weekend. I fully support going home and visiting your family, but I do not suggest the first weekend. College is about learning to live on your own and be independent.¬† Going home the first weekend does not foster those ideas. Instead of traveling home, I suggest traveling the local area. I plan on using this weekend¬† to explore the parts of campus I have yet to see as well as the surrounding city. I go to a university with tons to do without leaving campus, and each day I discover something new. One of my new favorite spots is my campus’s meditation room. When I first heard meditation room, I envisioned a small classroom with hard wood floors, and the walls painted a calming color such as blue. I basically pictured a yoga studio without mirrors and mats. Instead it is this huge space with frosted glass to break the space into smaller sections. You first have to go through this small hallway to get into the meditation room from the building. Once inside, there is a huge open space with a giant rock garden to the left. There are benches and chairs to sit and meditate or pray. Along the right and back wall, there is frosted class to close of sections for people looking for privacy. The air just makes you relax as you walk in. No matter how stressed I am, I always feel relaxed when I enter.


Rooms such as these would never be discovered without exploration. Instead of going home this weekend, go find something new on your campus. At the very least, do your homework.


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