Everyone will…

I have been at school for eight days, and I have picked  up on two things. One, it is harder to blog everyday than one would think. Between classes, going out, and homework, I have not been satisfied with my time to blog. Number two, there is things I noticed everyone will do not matter how much you think you will not. Here if a few things that have stood out so far that happens to everyone.

1. You will lock yourself out of your room. I never thought I would forget my key, but I did once so far. Our hall was having an ice cream party, and I left my room without thinking that I needed my key. It happened to be the same night my roommate had left her key at her friend’s dorm, so I had to wait until she went to get her key to be let back in. Thankfully, there was a party, and I have really nice friends who let me hang in their dorm until I was let back in. I know several people who forget to bring their key to the bathroom with them(my roommate being one of them). It is perfectly natural though. When is the last time you were home and brought your house key of wallet to the bathroom with you? Never, right? On my campus, you are required to always have your student ID on you since it is your life. You use it to go to the cafeteria or print something at the library. The updated dorms require it for entry, and my dorm(renovated last year) requires it not only for building access but to get on the elevator or the stairs. I can actually get in trouble if I do not have my ID on my person, so I have my ID in my wallet which is attached to my lanyard with my key and mini flashlight.


2. You will be late to class at least once, or you will fall asleep in them. I cannot attest for doing either, but I have seen it happen to countless people. I have not even finished my first week of class. Expect to be late on your first couple of days. I prevented this by figuring out how long it would take me to get somewhere(I walked my schedule twice before classes started), and I added ten minutes. For example, it took me ten minutes to walk from my dorm to my first class on Monday. I left twenty minutes before class started to walk there. Ten minutes for commute. Ten minutes for traffic, road blocks, getting lost, or to get settled. You always want to be at class before it starts. I suggest between 5 and 15 minutes before hand. I have not fallen asleep yet either, but people in my classes have. The professor didn’t care, but I think my classmates did when they realized they missed everything from the lecture.


3.  You will forget to bring something to the bathroom with you. Try to be lucky enough to realize you forgot something before you step in the shower. You forget something major like a towel, shampoo, body wash, or something small as tooth paste or moisturizer. Have a mental checklist of what you need before you go to shower or brush your teeth and wash your face.



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