Get Out There

Today’s Advice: Attend college events no matter how stupid they may seem. Ever since move in day my schedule has been filled to the brim with required and optional events/workshops/meetings. There has only been one event that I have not attended and that was SpartaJam which was basically a Freshman dance in the a small room. I stopped by where it was being held, and you could not even get to the entrance door because people were over flowing into the hallway. My friend and I decided that it was not worth our time. A lot of events will give you free stuff. For example, today after Convocation, there was a party and a bunch of food places were giving away free food, and I got a new set of headphones for just showing up. Yesterday, I went to this out of state student reception. They had a wall full of North Carolina specialties to eat at no cost to us. Plus, we got to meet people from all over the country and world. These events may seem lame, but it is a great way to meet people and at the very least free food is always a good reason to attend an event. I also recommend going with one or two other people especially for people like me who are extremely shy.


Enjoying a free snow cone for attending the movie on the lawn.

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