Knights on Rhinos

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At my university, they offered learning, living learning communities, and residential colleges. Learning communities allow you to have classes with people that have similar interests. Living learning communities offer you to live and learn with people with your interest. Residential colleges allow you to live with people with your interest and have access to peer academics leaders(PALS) and faculty. My residential college is Grogan, and within Grogan, there is different communities. Mine is Law and Crime. Grogan Residential College(GRC) is usually housed in Grogan dorms, but they are under renovations this year. We are currently housed in Reynolds. The mascot for GRC is the knight, and we refer to ourselves as Groganites. The mascot for Reynolds hall is the Rhino, so we combined mascots for this years.

As I said earlier, I am in the Law and Crime community, we share our floor with the biology community. A few examples of other communities include music, theater, nursing, business, and education. Each community has a Peer Academic Leader, also know as our PALs. Your PAL is a mentor, who lives with you and helps you. They also act as TAs for our Grogan class. PALs do not replace RA’s. Our floor has two PALs and one RA for example.

As a part of Grogan, we are required to take three classes that are related to your community. You take these classes with people in your community. The first is our Grogan class where we work on community service and our leadership challenge. The other two for law and crime are Into to Sociology and Controversies in Contemporary Politics.

I am not sure if other colleges offer programs like these, but I would take them up if you did. Grogan was no extra cost for me, and it will prove to be a valuable resource.


Photo Taken From My I-Phone. Our Mascot.

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