Last Night Home

Last night was my last night at home. The day had been filled with visiting friends, tasty meals, car packing, and a music lesson. I was a sobering mess when I finally did get home due to having to say good bye to my best friend as well as my dad and his fiance. Upon arriving home, I made sure to plug in all my electronics, so they would be charged for the car ride. After that, I headed to my bathroom for a nice long shower. I will be living it up in a dorm room which means communal bathrooms. I suggest taking a shower or a bath the night before. I personally cannot sit in the tub long enough for a bubble bath, so I opted for a shower. Either way, enjoy the privacy of your home bathroom. Ladies, let me warn you that it is much easier to shave in your personal bathroom than a communal bathroom. I took the opportunity of my last night home to shave.

Since I took a shower around 10:30 P.M, I got dressed in the clothes I wore today for my car ride. I did not want to dirty any pajamas especially since I got two hours of sleep at the most. I did my last load of laundry after my shower. All the clothes from that load went into a space bag, my overnight bag, or my closet. I made sure I packed my laptop case and my over night bag since I will not be moving in until tomorrow. While I was doing laundry, I was binge watching T.V since I know my T.V will be cut back considerably in college. Around 2:00 A.M, I sent one final snapchat to my best friend before going to sleep. This time was also used to snuggle with my kitty cat. I sprawled out across my queen sized bed and enjoyed the last time I will sleeping my own bed for a while.


Hanging With My Kitty. Photo Taken From My I-Phone

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