Move In Day! Yay?!?

On Wednesday, I moved into my dorm. My college spreads move in over three days with a different set of dorms moving in on each day. Since I am in a residential college within my university, we were moving in the first day. Move in began at eight in the morning, and it lasted until five. From 5:00-6:30 P.M, we had an (optional) dinner with our PAL, RA, and peers. At 6:30, we had a MANDATORY hall meeting. It was suppose to last till 7:30, but it last until 8:00. From 8:00 to midnight, we had a hall party.

My family and I arrived at 7:45 A.M to move in. Due to the location of my dorm, you were not allowed to unload in front of it. You had to unload at a parking deck, and they used a golf cart to move your stuff to the dorm. I did not have to do that. Since I arrived early, the move in crew let us unload in front of the dorm. To get to the check-in station/entrance from the road/sidewalk, you have to walk down a hill. The move in crew carried it all down for me. As soon as I checked in and got my key, two girls helped me get it all up to my room. My mother and I barely had to take anything. With everything in my room, we removed the plastic from my mattress(Our dorm was renovated for this year; everything is brand new) and made my bed which was quite a task since they are lofted. I unpacked a few things before I was off again. My mom and her fiance wanted to go to breakfast, and I needed to get a few things from Walmart. By the time we returned, my roommate had moved in and was begin to unpack. After introductions, we went about unpacking. I gave my mom tasks such as folding and hanging clothes while I organized things my way. I am very OCD, so I needed to do it myself.

I suggest you get to move in before the scheduled start time because it speeds up the process, and you might get special privileges that you do not(like my ability to unload the car in front of the dorm). Try to plan ahead, so you and your roommate are not moving in at the same time. It makes it less crowded and easier to get in and out. Also, people will be knocking on your door and introducing themselves while you are trying to settle in.

It took awhile, but finally everything I brought was unpacked and in it’s place. I ended up chilling out on my bed until my PAL came to get me for dinner. Dinner was awesome. The hall meeting, not so much. I’ll tell you more about that when in a future post explaining my residential college system. The party was okay. I went for the free food and raffle. We could earn raffle tickets by having conversations with our PALs and Ras. I got one ticket, and it was very well earned. I met some girls from another floor and ended up leaving the party to hang in their room for an hour. I briefly went back to the party to find that it ended way before it was suppose to, and I headed to bed. I don’t know about anyone else, but I have trouble sleeping in new places. I plan to write a post on how I deal with the struggle of not being able to sleep.


Moving In Before My Roommate. Photo Taken From My I-Phone.

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