Pizza: The New Staple Of Your Diet

I feel bad for all the pizza haters who go to college. You will ultimately end up eating a slice or three while you are college. It is cheap and easy to feed big groups of people with. At least around my campus, pizza is everywhere, the cafeteria, pizza shops, etc. It is the main dish served at student events. You just cannot get away from it. When I had the choice of picking where to eat today, I told my family not to get pizza. The last two nights I have had guys buy pizza and give me some. I tried the cafeteria pizza once or twice, and they have served it at all the student events I been too. Pizza makes it difficult to avoid the freshman fifteen especially if it is greasy. This post is just a warning that you will probably eat enough pizza in college to last you the rest of your life.

I also want t o apologize for not posting everyday. I am still figuring out my routine with balancing classes, homework, sleep, eating, and activities. Some days, I have to read three chapters and take notes on them for homework, and I literally have no brain power to write a post after that. I hope to be turning out daily tips soon. Once last thing, do not lose or forget your key. Your roommate will start to hate you if they are always letting you in. My roommate is key-less at the moment.

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