Saying Hello By Saying Goodbye

Hello There! I’ll keep my introduction brief since you will be learning more about me with each post. My name is Brittany, and I am going to be a freshman in a college that is eight hours from home. I hope my ramblings posts are filled with useful advice that any poor college student can you. Let’s get started! Life Hack: Always Put Lid On Slushie Cup before Filling. You will get more for your money.

It took sometime for me to think about what I wanted my first post to be about. I decided my starting point would be saying goodbye. I currently live in Pennsylvania, and I will be attending college in North Carolina. Due to the cost of travel, my family and I have decided that it would be best that I stay in North Carolina until winter vacation in December. It will be exactly four months until I will return to Pennsylvania. Most people I know will be heading home for Labor Day or at the very least, Thanksgiving.
I leave in six hours for college, and I’ve had get togethers, meals, and last minute appointments. It had become clear during the last few weeks of high school which friends were worth keeping and which friends would forget all about me. I cut most of my ties before I left, but I still had a couple friends I needed to see before I leave. Along with friends, I had family, mentors, and coworkers, who would like to see me before I travel south.
I suggest that you do something fun to say goodbye to your friends. I, for example, went mini golfing with two of my friends and one of our youth leaders from church. None of us were any good, but we had fun making jokes about how bad we were and quit early to get ice cream. Today, I had lunch plans to eat at my favorite Vietnamese restaurant with a friend. Not only we are saying goodbye, but we are going to a place that I cannot get in North Carolina. I wish I could get Rice and Noodles shipped to my dorm, but I will have to settle with one final meal with my bestie.
Sometimes the best ways to say goodbye is an impromptu get together. While I loved my family’s scheduled meals or planned visits to see people, one of the best get togethers happened because I shot out a group Facebook message to a bunch of people. I offered to pick them up and buy us all Ritas. Only two of them could make it(Technically one since one of the two was already at my house with plans to sleepover). We had an awesome time filled with laughter and photos that will last forever.
Saying goodbye is not easy. There will be tears and extra long hugs. The only exception was my last shift at work when I had a huge smile on my face and my impromptu Rita’s trip. Be sure to make your goodbyes special. You will not be seeing these people for awhile.


My Goodbye Lunch at my Favorite Vietnamese Restaurant, Sticky Rice with Chicken and Chinese Sausage. Photo Taken From My I-Phone


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