Social Interactions

I am really want to take a nap right now, but my dorm room door is propped open. Closing it would mean climbing down from my lofted bed, and I would have to climb back into bed afterward. I am not trying to sound lazy, but climbing up and down a ladder multiple times is not always enjoyable. Why is my door propped open you might ask? Well, my roommate is off with her friends from high school, and I do not feel like being anti social. I left my door open when I returned from classes and had two people stop by to talk. The one girl hung out for an hour before heading to her class. I am quite shy and going out and striking up conversation is not my forte. Leaving my dorm room door open while I am in it allows people to say hello as they pass by or even strike up conversation. It’s a great way to interact with people on your hall that you might not think you would talk to. Just never leave your door open when no one is in the room. This can lead to theft or vandalism. Otherwise, it is a easy way to start social interactions.

My second tip for today is do not be afraid to go each lunch by yourself. I was afraid to go catch a meal by myself today, but it was not that bad. It also made feel like no one was judging what I was eating. Sure, it was weird not eating with a group of people. I just appreciated the quietness. I do realize that my schedule may not always match everyone else, and sometimes I have to go eat by myself unless I feel like being hungry until someone can go with me. Besides going by yourself can allow you to get that reading assignment done while fulfilling the basic need of food. If you are really uncomfortable about eating in the dining hall alone, look for other peoples who are sitting by themselves and ask if you can sit with them. This also allows you to make new friends and not feel alone.

Updated: I had no one to go to dinner with tonight, so I went by myself. At one of the tables that seats eight, there were two guys sitting on one side at either corner. I sat in the middle on the either side. Upon sitting down, both of them started talking to me and each other. One of them was a sophomore and the other was a junior. We swapped encouragements while eating our food. After, we all parted our separate ways.


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