So I went clubbing for the second time in my whole life. It was the best thing ever because I got into the club for free. I actually wasn’t going to go but some of my friends wanted to pregame at our other friend’s birthday party, which I did go to and decided I would go with them after. It was a tropical themed birthday party so I decided to dress up as Lilo. I have a really pretty Hawaiian red dress that I got at Hollister that looks like this: I bought it with my boyfriend when they were doing this crazy clearance sale. It was super cheap compared to how much it should be so I just had to buy it. But I only wore it once when I went out to dinner with my boyfriend. So wearing it to this party was perfect. I wore my blue flip flops and also had a cute Stitch plushie doll that I carried with me everywhere. Everyone got alcohol and then we played charades, which was super fun, especially with like fifteen people. Everyone got so into it. Anyways, we left the party and walked to the club.

At the club, we got patted down and they looked through our bags. We took a group picture together in front of the club. There was smokers everywhere, which I actually really hated. My friends got some more drinks at the bar before the doors opened. The DJ was all right but I’m sure he was saving the really good songs for later in the night. I love to dance but I couldn’t really get into it. I wasn’t dressed for it nor was I really in the mood because my boyfriend and I were fighting again. I don’t want to talk about it but it distracted me from the whole night. Anyways, I had dancing with my friends and the night ended with me texting in bed and fighting with my boyfriend. Don’t worry we made up and overall it was all right and fun. My friends and I are definitely going again.

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