Are You a Collegier?

LE CONFIDANT |ˈkänfəˌdant, -ˌdänt|

noun (fem. confidantepronunc.same) a person with whom one shares a secret or private matter, trusting them not to repeat it to others.  [Webster’s dictionary]

I am College Confidante(cece), a collegier’s best friend, confirming her thoughts on herself and everyone around her. With humor and satire, I will show him the way through situations he might or might not encounter. I am here to help figure out the ultimate bucket list, keep collegiers from being victims of roommate faux pas, and find ways to soothe their soul during finals week. I am who the collegier comes to when they just can’t deal with anything anymore.

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What is a collegier?

Is that even a real word?

A collegier is a guy or gal, in college, who knows exactly what they are doing and where they going. Everything she looks at is a la mode. Every person he interacts with wants to fan him with giant leaves. She’s always on the move and never holds back. His life is a college reality show involving some type of drama with school, people, and parties.

A collegier can easily be confused with a college goer, but you shouldn’t be mistaken because they are nothing alike. A college goer is just a person who hands their money to an institution waiting for everything to fall onto their lap. College goers sit back in the shadows and watch the collegiers shine in their respective spotlights. A collegier has mastered the art of getting what she wants, on her own time, and has the ultimate goal of gaining a career, not a job. He wants a career where he’s making top $$ and loves what he’s doing. With an army of mentors, strong personal beliefs, and a vivid goal, nothing can stop the collegier from finishing first on the race to the top.


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