So I’m sitting here with the men in my family, watching non other than american football. Typical. It’s not a problem though because the boys on the screen are literally perfect. Here’s the problem, after maybe four to five minutes of watching the game, I came to the realization that, my college doesn’t have American Football as an official sport.


Excuse me, i’m just gonna go in that corner and cry.


As a retired high school cheerleader, I must admit, we honestly had no idea what actually happened out on the battlefield. If we weren’t performing, it wasn’t relevant. We based our cheers based off of the crowd’s reactions. Thanks to the dads out there, without even knowing it, they’d let us know when it was a good time to call that offense cheer. For those who are still learning, It’s simple really, if we don’t have the ball… we’re on defense.


If anyone were to ask why a bunch of muscle boys would have an organized fight over carrying a ball to a specific side of the field… Cheerleaders wouldn’t have the answer.

Lol yass, you do you homie.                                              Gif found at:


Over the years, I’ve learned to appreciate football for what it truly is… A sport where I can gawk at boys bending over and running in super tight pants. Whew! Those weekly two and a half hours were the highlight of our squad’s week. Personally, I drooled over that kickoff at the beginning of each play, something about pretty boys marching, then running all in unison made me really happy. This all seriously just reminded me on how I took football for granted. Hmm, I wonder where those transfer papers are.


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