Orientation Series: #2 Time Matters


Ask any gal what her biggest fear is when it comes to going to events. “Well, obviously that would be being late”. Being late on any occasion starts you out on a bad foot, gives you major anxiety, and is usually the pre-cursor to something bad thats about to happen. Every gal knows that as soon as you hit that snooze button one too many times, it’s like final destination and your life might as well be over. Snooze for an extra five minutes makes getting ready ten minutes longer because you’re always scrambling to get out of the house.

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When it comes to orientation, try to get there early to avoid the hour-long lines during check-in. In other words, don’t be late. Personally, I was there earlier than they said I needed to be, so I had time to just chill out at the station before I made my walk over to campus. Even then, I got to check-in right on time and it took me less than 10 minutes to do everything. So after check-in, I was able to meet my orientation roommate, get settled down in our room and explored the city.

Things to do if you’re early at orientation:

  1. Find your roommate
  2. Connect with your roommate
  3. Go see your room
  4. Try to get onto your bed
  5. Realize they’re way too high
  6. Waste 20 minutes trying to climb them
  7. Your roommate points out they’re adjustable
  8. Even then, use a chair to climb on
  9. Leave your room with your roommate
  10. Force yourself to meet new people
  11. Eat dining hall food
  12. Explore the city
  13. Get your ID card done
  14. Finally go to the first orientation meeting spot

I’m sensing because we were early, my roommate and I were able to get to know each other and do a couple of things before orientation officially started. We had that nice leisure time where we weren’t in a rush to do everything. So naturally, we had a great time.

My 1st period math teacher always told me, “if you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late; and if you’re late, don’t even bother showing up.” This quote is probably the only thing she said that I actually understood, and I’ll probably never forget it.


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