Orientation Series #3: Friends pt 1



All I need in this life of sin is, is me and my best friends.                                                       Found at: http://lafoliedesreveurs.wordpress.com/2014/07/23/13-types-of-friends-you-have-in-high-school/


Here’s how you make friends in College:

  • Remain in your room with your door shut when you’re not required to be out and about. Someone out there will eventually knock and ask to be best friends.
  • If your roommate wants you to go out with him/her, don’t.
  • Stay sheltered, and avoid eye contact at all times.
  • If someone accidentally catches you gawking at them, avert your eyes immediately- oh wow what an interesting route that dust particle is taking.
  • When a random person says hello, don’t be rude! Say hello back, but only give one word answers if they’re trying to go into conversation.
  • Never ask questions
  • Never give answers to questions you know about and only nod yes, or no if the questions are directed towards you.
  • Do not participate in games


Honestly, i’m not sure what to tell you if you haven’t figured out that the list above is the fool proof way of NOT making friends in college. What I’ve learned at orientation in terms of people is that, as freshmen, we’re all way too anxious and antsy. We’re more concerned about making friends than feeding ourselves. I don’t care if you want to admit it or not, but we all have this corner of our hearts that just fears rejection. If we go through rejection so early on in our college career, life would end. Personally, I’m immune to rejection (more on that at another time), but I still long for meaningful and lasting relationships.

The way I made friends during orientation was kind of hilarious. It’s been three, maybe four weeks since then, and I still have not forgotten my interactions with the people I met. By the end of my two days, it’s like I went to high school with everyone around me.

Okay, like my #2 Time Matters post states, I met my orientation roommate in the elevator on the way up to our room. It was like I go to push the button to my floor and I saw that it was already pushed.

I look at her and was all like, “fourth floor? Me too. What room?”


I had to double check with my key to make sure I wasn’t going crazy. that’s when I said,

“ hey there roommate”, and she said “ haha what a coincidence”. The elevator doors opened up and we made our way to the room.

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