Those Last Summer Days

What will you be doing on September 10th -16th? Oh? Did you say crying sloppy wet puddles from looking at the amount of schoolwork you’ve been blessed with? LOL. I know! I promise to think of you while I sit in my newly purchased bathing suit, enjoying the hot Bahamian sun, on a relaxing Carnival cruise.

This week, everyone is moving into school, starting classes, and going through Welcome Week. I myself am sending my best friends away while sit in the midst of a dreadfully boring routine consisting of eat, work, sleep, repeat. It’s like the one time I wish summer was cut short, it mocks me and decides to be twice as long.

I don’t move in to school until the third week of September, and this is probably the one thing I don’t like about my college. Everything on the calendar is different, the start date, spring break and testing dates; they’re all different from the yearly calendars of “normal” American colleges. I’m really annoyed that my clock will be so off from my friend’s clocks when it comes to coming back home. I actually probably will never see them again.

Really though, I shouldn’t be complaining, because one week before I start that getting up early for the eat, class, sleep, repeat, routine; I hop on a plane and go to my first vacation in ten years. It’ll be a week long vacation, where I spend the first two days crashing at a family’s house in Miami, then, I’ll be taking a four night, five day cruise to the islands. Then, I literally get in the car and drive to college. So close, yet so ffaarrrr!!

Anyway, for this cruise, I’ve decided to re-invent myself (am I the only one who does this?). In order to do that, I need to do some serious vacation shopping. For convenience, I’ve pasted what I’ve come up with for my shopping list so far – in case you have any suggestions. :-)

  1. Jammies – preferably a onesie (Cute and comfortable )

    Must.Find.The.Perect.Onesie                                                                                      Image found at :
  2. Cocktail dress(es)/ Little Black Dress (late night partying)
  3. Bathing Suits (need I even explain?)
  4. Sunglasses/Sun Hats (must be fashionable in the sun)
  5. Work-out clothes (the cruise has a gym!)
  6. Waterproof make-up (Got to be prepared to meet beautiful cruise beaus/ future husbands)
  7. New jean shorts (To celebrate those last summer days)
  8. A new perfume (Need to spice things up a bit)
  9. A new suitcase (I think I’ve grown out of my pink sleeping beauty one)
  10. Seasick medication (I’ve never been on a cruise. One must be prepared)

I feel like I’m forgetting something…

Who am I kidding? I’m definitely forgetting something.

In the meantime, Hope you’re having fun obsessing over that first test you have next week. I promise to send you a postcard!


Until next time,



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