Fall 2012 Intern Application

I’m applying for an internship for this club at my school and thought you guys might be interested in seeing my application for reference and what kind of questions to expect when you apply for college leadership positions as well. Enjoy! And wish me luck! My interview is on next week Monday!

1) Why do you want to hold this position?

 I had been actively involved with clubs and had leadership positions in high school but I have not found an organization where I wanted to hold a position in college until now. Just last spring, I received my certificate of completion for the Passport of Leadership. I also had the pleasure of completing the Disney College Program this past summer. I would love to apply what I have learned working at the Happiest Place on Earth and also what I have learned here and use it all to give back to my school and my community. While I feel that I have been well trained and am prepared for this internship, I know that I still have much to learn and being an intern would be the perfect way for me to transition into becoming a leader of the future.

2) What is it about NSLS that motivated you to become more involved?

NSLS has been very motivational for me and has helped me make good achievable goals. Without NSLS, I would not be the same person that I am now. I really enjoyed the Orientation, Leadership Training Day, and all of my SNT’s. NSLS has definitely impacted my time here and I would recommend it for everyone. I love all that NSLS stands for and I feel very privileged to be a member.

3) What are your current commitments and do you believe you can devote the time needed to become an NSLS intern?

My current commitments, other than being a member of NSLS, are:

  • Community Programmer in Housing (I develop, organize, and implement programs for incoming undergraduate students. I provide educational, multicultural, and social programs to help create a comfortable and supportive “home away from home” for students)
  • Disney College Program Campus Representative (I market and advertise for the Disney College Program and recruit future Cast Members on campus)
  • Library Page (I assist patrons in the library and re-shelve books; however due to my busy schedule, I am on a brief hiatus)

Other commitments that I have are being there for my friends and family, as well as my almost one year boyfriend. I know that sometimes I can have a jam-packed week but I love being around people and I love what I do. I know that I can definitely devote myself to being an NSLS intern, but not an actual board member yet, as I do have much on my plate. Like I said earlier in the application, this is the perfect way for me to see what goes on behind the scenes and try balancing and budgeting my time before I do hold a leadership position in NSLS.

4) If you had to pick, what board position would you like to be an intern for and why?

I would like any of the positions but if I had to choose here is my order of preference: Co-President, Historian, Fundraising Coordinator, Community Service Coordinator, Membership Outreach Coordinator, Events Coordinator, SNT Coordinator, Internal Public Relations Coordinator, Marketing Coordinator, External Public Relations Coordinator, Executive Administrator, Chapter Corresponder, and Treasurer.

I would want to intern for one of the Co-Presidents, Historian, Fundraising Coordinator, or Community Service Coordinator because I love going out to events and meeting other people. I feel most comfortable in these roles due to past experience. However, thanks to being a Community Programmer, I have learned how to coordinate and put on events, like for Membership Outreach Coordinator, Events Coordinator, SNT Coordinator, Internal Public Relations Coordinator, Marketing Coordinator, and External Public Relations Coordinator. And of course by being a Disney Campus Representative, I am also capable of interning as an Executive Administrator and Chapter Corresponder.

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