I got the job!

Thank you, John Wooden! By standing on your shoulders’ (standing on the shoulders’ of my giant), I was offered the position of trainer at my catering company! This is the same catering company that I blogged last week about how we cater at the Oscars.¬†From this experience, I learned a few things about how to conduct yourself and how to be one step ahead of the other candidates in your future college jobs or even post-graduation career goals:

  1. Be yourself. I was lucky to have my friend, Jamie, be in the training class the day of my second on-the-job training interview, and she commented that the other candidate, Joe, didn’t seem genuine and like he was trying too hard.
  2. Dress the part. I also noticed that Joe was dressed ever more slightly less formal than I was. We were basically wearing the same business clothes, but I had a suit jacket/blazer over my dress shirt, which made me look less casual.
  3. Know what you are talking about and do your research. The night before, I studied our orientation and training guidebook. I also had knew more additional information outside of the book just from calling the office, and working on the floor in the field.
  4. Be personable with the other candidates and the managers. You want to be someone that is relatable. And smile! Make it look like you are having fun.
  5. Give feedback. Nothing makes supervisors happier than giving them feedback and being a fresh new set of eyes that can make their operation run smoother and more efficiently.
  6. When you do get the job, make sure to celebrate! I went to Disneyland right after I got the call! But you don’t have to do that — grab a fancy dinner or go to the beach! Whatever the case, best of luck on all of your future goals! :)


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