9 Reasons Why Every College Student Needs a Road Trip

  1. 12494669_1055645854516386_7628950248094868082_nThe experience forces you to continue feeding your curiosity and exploring in college beyond the walls of your university, dorm, and city. This is your chance to full advantage of being away from home.
  2. Your college friends may turn into your life-long friends. It is great bonding time to get to know each other and a memory that you can always look back on.
  3. You will find out how you and those around you react under pressure and in stressful situations. Things are bound to go wrong on a roadtrip (running out of gas, a flat tire, splitting costs, opposing personalities/strong opinions, car accidents, etc.) and you will learn how to be resilient, and which of your friends are not capable to adapt. Plus, you get a chance to personally test your quick and worldly practical problem solving skills.
  4. You will discover new music that otherwise you would not be exposed to. Driving away from your normal surroundings means your favorite radio stations will be out of range. Try listening to a classical, jazz, or rock station and you may just find a new favorite song. Or you and your friends can all bring your own CD’s and take turns listening to avoid looking for radio stations (and especially the awful commercials) during the drive.

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