What $191.10 Looks Like In Japanese Yen

japan 2

Only four more days! And I cannot wait! So, continuing yesterday’s post on converting my U.S. dollar into Japanese cash, I went to the Currency Exchange International in the MainPlace Mall in Santa Ana, California. I didn’t want to convert over $200, because then instead of a $3 fee, I would have to pay $5. So any exchanges under $200 had a $3 fee, $200-$500 had a $5 fee, and anything $500 and over had a $10 fee. Bank of America’s fee was just a flat $7.50 for any amount converted. The teller at the kiosk told me that I had to get it as close to a Japanese bill as possible without going over $200, so she recommended I change $191.10, and then with the $3 fee, the total came out to be $194.10. As you can see pictured here, I have 20,100 yen. The teller also told me as long as I have my receipt from my first original transaction with them, I can get change it back to American money without paying the fee!

I am hoping this will be enough for the week and a half that I will be in Japan. My dad recommended that I take around $100 in American cash too. Worst case scenario, I still have my debit and credit card. Plus, I will be with plenty of other college students that will be able to spot me if I am ever in a tight pinch for extra money. ONLY FOUR MORE DAYS!!!!!

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