Happy Tuesday!

Last week was To-Do Tuesday (http://www.collegetips.com/blog/to-do-tuesday-1144) and I challenged you all to write down your to-do lists and see how many of your tasks you could complete within a week. The goal was to do at least half of them. Let’s see how many I was able to accomplish!

  1. Apply to more college jobs
  2. Email the Learning Center Managers (don’t forget to CC Clara!)
  3. Sign up for volunteering opportunities
  4. Study my Spanish and Mandarin
  5. Organize clothes/clean room

Wow! I actually was able to reach my goal of 5/10! I’m pretty happy with myself! Remember what I wrote this weekend about small victories? Here’s a reminder: http://www.collegetips.com/blog/success-sunday-2-1213 So since I was successful in completing half of my list, I will be celebrating tonight by giving myself some time to relieve some stress by doing one of my favorite hobbies – making origami! And making a new list for me to conquer for next week! So excited for this next week! It is going to be a good week! I can feel it!

  1. Register for classes
  2. Send Carmen (my pen pal is Australia) a letter
  3. Apply for fall graduation
  4. Look at textbooks I need to buy for fall classes
  5. Complete scholarship applications
  6. Go to the bank
  7. Wear my retainers
  8. Go through my night beauty skin regime
  9. Exercise
  10. Manicure

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