Financial Aid Friday

Here is the second post of the Win Scholarship/Financial Aid series, featuring my tidbits of the ins and outs of scholarship applications! Click here to read the first post of the series:

A second question that is commonly asked in Financial Aid and Scholarship applications is, “Why is college important to you?”

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When answering this question, my fear would be sounding like everyone else. I feel like it is a typical answer yet honest to say that you want to do it for your family and yourself. College is more than an education or a paper that says you are certified in a specific field – for me it is a chance to say that I am a hard worker and that I want to make the most of myself. I believe it can open up so many different doors for me and give me a better future for myself, my family, and my potential future family.

Personally, college is important to me because I love to learn. I am curious about the world, want to know everything, and understand the universe. I know I want to pursue a Doctorate and an MBA someday. However, right now my passion lies with Education and helping others find the gift of literacy, which is why I want to pursue a Masters in Education with an Emphasis in Reading.

Why is college important to you? What are you passionate about? Leave a comment below!

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