First Impression Friday

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1. Food – Food is my life. I make money only to buy food and nothing else. I do not particularly have a favorite food but I am definitely a huge fan of Korean BBQ, cheesecake (but only from the Cheesecake Factory), noodles, Italian pasta, broccoli, eggs, certain types of sushi, chicken noodle soup, breakfast burritos, anything made from potatoes, pho, and my mom’s kimchi fried rice. On that note, I really like anything that is naturally, organically made, especially if it was home-cooked. I really want to learn how to cook one day, and actually learn how to cook – in comparison to my sad college cooking, which should not even be called cooking.


2. Foreign – I love to learn foreign languages, but just because you love something, does not mean that you are good at it. I am still learning and working hard towards mastering my different languages. My native tongue is Korean, and I soon after learned French and English consecutively. Not long after, I started picking up Spanish, which has now since been the language that I have studied the longest after Korean and English. In college, I started learning Mandarin and Japanese, and am constantly trying to maintain everything I have learned.

3. Fun – I strongly believe that life is way too short to not have fun. Fun seems to be the meaning of all life. There is no time for negativity and if you are not having fun then you are wasting your time here on earth! I love being a fun positive person, cracking funny jokes, and being around other fun people while doing fun things! Also, when your work is fun, then you never work! Your fun is work, and your work is play, so you will always have fun no matter what you are doing and where you are!

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