My Majors: Music

Introducing the My Majors Series, starting with Music:

Like my center of gravity, music plants my feet firmly on this planet, but opposingly captivates my soul and releases raw universally-felt emotions. This dichotomy between earthly harmony and spiritual flight is indicative of the statement that music is an essential part of life, which additionally connects us all together. Without being exposed to the diverse language of music, I would be a colorless, lifeless, lesser human being. With the magic of music, I am never alone.


The Temptations of the Music Major: Pursuing a career in music can be terrifying, but extremely satisfying – guaranteeing a life of both professional and personal fulfillment. Living with a musician that gave birth to me, I had a front-row seat to the extremely gratifying life in performing and teaching. Being a consumer of music is fun, but having the ability to read notes and physically produce it yourself is an irreplaceable out-of-this-world feeling.

My Conclusions of the Music Major: Simply being passionate will not cut it in the music industry. You must be tenacious, persistent, and have unwavering confidence supported by years of perfecting your craft and talents. Music is one of my life values and I hold onto it as a hobby and an interest. I found a general degree in Interdisciplinary Sciences with an Emphasis in the Arts and Human Expression, which enabled me to complete courses in music theory, musical theater, and music for dancers in my collegiate years. Once I have established my career or I retire, I would like to learn more instruments, produce amateur covers, or write songs.


The My Majors Series is an overview of gloriosity’s “coulda, shoulda, woulda” majors that at some point she put thought into pursuing (…she wanted to learn everything…). Based on her personal experience, the guides are meant to provide subjective insight into the many possibilities that college offers.

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