More About Me Monday

Now that we have acquainted ourselves on First Impression Friday (, here is More About Me Monday!

1. Music – As you may already know from one of my earlier Major Momentum posts (, music is a significant part of my life. While I like to listen to mainstream, foreign, and instrumentals normally, right now I really like this band called 5 Seconds of Summer. My two favorite songs from them are She Looks So Perfect and Amnesia. What music was on your summer playlist?


2. Motivation – My motivation comes from my need of being happy all the time. I know I have indirectly mentioned this in my past blog posts but here it is again: Happiness is the highest level of success. We have to seek it and keep choosing it. I am also devoted and dedicated to making other people happy. This includes my close friends and especially my family. I do everything I do to help them and they are my number one priority. Acknowledging your motivation (in my case – my family) is powerful. Knowing why you live the way you do, do the things you do, and the reasons will help you in the toughest of situations and help push your limits when you do not think you can. What is your motivation?

I look forward to learning more about you and sharing more about me! Happy Monday, everyone!

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