Posted Summer Grades

In celebration of my professor posting my final grade of an “A” on my transcript today, I wanted to write a quick overview of my summer school 2014 experience.

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The benefits of taking a class during the summer is that while everyone else is out partying, traveling, or being lazy, you are being productive while still having time to have fun occasionally. You will most likely not be in summer school for the entire summer, in fact, my course was only 5 weeks – from June 29 to August 3 (including Week 0). This meant I could have a weeklong vacation in Orlando the middle week of June, in between the spring semester and summer semester AND my friend came to visit me from New Zealand the first two weeks of July. For the rest of the summer, I was able to balance this one class, work two jobs, a social life, and still have some time leftover!

Now, do not get me wrong. I earned my “A.” Since this was a 5-week intensive (squeezing a 16-week semester long course into 5 weeks – YIKES!), every week I did have to read a couple, if not a few, chapters in our textbook and we had weekly discussion posts, multiple textbook homework assignments, class work, and always more than one paper. The nice thing about summer classes though is usually you can only take 1-2 versus taking 4-5 during the regular school year. So for me, I only had to worry about this one class, so it was easier to maintain, in terms of due dates and calendar management.

I definitely recommend taking summer classes because it is the best way to boost your GPA (as long as you work hard) if you had a rough school year, and especially if you want to get ahead. Because I took this summer school class, I have a higher chance that I may be graduating this fall instead of next spring! This summer is almost over, but I highly encourage you to evaluate if summer classes are a right fit for you next year. Until then, have a wonderful rest of your summer and good luck this school year!

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