Success Saturday

This is the first of the Success Secret Series, with inspiration pulled from the book, 100 Simple Secrets of Successful People by David Niven, Ph. D. I highly recommend this book and will be sharing how his one hundred studies about success have impacted my life.

1. Competence Starts With Feeling Competent (Believe in yourself and just take the shot!)

AUGUST 11 2006 060

At college: My first semester in college, I was determined to get straight A’s. I was confident (and competent) that I was able to achieve my goal, and realized very early on that it did not come simply from wishing. I had to work for it, and again here, I knew that I was dedicated enough to be confident that I had this study and work ethic built inside of me. While I received 6 out of 7 A’s, I am still extremely proud of myself since I was able to almost achieve my goal with a 3.7 GPA, considering I was working, volunteering, and having fun in college.

At work: I like to think that I was offered my current job because I was confident, passionate, and most of all competent that I was the ideal candidate. I knew that I could do everything in that office and more. Even though I may have been lacking in some areas, like not knowing how to use certain programs, I knew that I could learn it and master it quickly. I am sure that my confidence is what shined through to the hiring manager and she even said that I was her number one choice. (Side Note: I think this is how I got all of my jobs! Confidence is KEY!)

So even if you are not 100% qualified for a class or a job, begin with just feeling, acting, and pretending like you are competent and the rest of your attitude, peers, grades, and supervisors will see and believe it too!