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Welcome to the weekend posts of the Success Secret Series, with inspiration pulled from the book, 100 Simple Secrets of Successful People by David Niven, Ph.D. I highly recommend this book and will be sharing how his one hundred studies about success have impacted my life. For the first two blogs, click here: (1) (2)

3. Creativity Comes From Within

At college: My most creative and proudest projects and papers were when they were topics that I were truly interested in and knew that my creativity would be personal appreciated by my peers and especially my teachers. For example, some topics I chose to do research on were hip-hop, breakdancing, and Facebook. I genuinely wanted to learn more and came up with the most interactive and engaging presentations as well as in-depth papers.

At work: I love art so when I was presented with the opportunity to use my graphic design skills to create informative signs at work, I jumped at the chance to make the best signs that I could. I received many compliments for my hard efforts but by far one of the best compliments I received from a leader was that I had a keen eye for knowing what people want to see and tapping into that potential. I had a firm understanding of what is aesthetic and appealing to the audience and followed accordingly.


So the underlying lesson we want to take away about creativity is that in order for you to be creative, you need to fully invest in whatever idea you are trying to sell before you can think outside of the box. Creativity is not something you can train for or force yourself to be, it truly comes from within and lies in your own personal talents and natural intrinsic values. So go after what you love and the creative ideas will follow!

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