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Welcome to the weekend posts of the Success Secret Series, with inspiration pulled from the book, 100 Simple Secrets of Successful People by David Niven, Ph.D. I highly recommend this book and will be sharing how his one hundred studies about success have impacted my life. For the first two blogs, click here: (1) (2) (3)

4. Take small victories!

At college: One of the best pieces of advice I was given by my marine biology professor was to make sure to celebrate every little victory. I did not take her advice to heart at the time, but now I know that I need to celebrate every single little victory. It is in these moments that we admit victory and we are able to celebrate with good friends and close family members that are all happy for you! So make sure to celebrate getting your high grades, making Dean’s List, being accepted into the Honors Program, transferring to a four-year college, graduating, getting that awesome major-related internship, and everything else in between! Especially when you know you worked hard to achieve your academic goals!

At work: Same concept as when good things happen to you at school! This one is a little bit harder, especially when your manager or whoever doesn’t notice that you are doing a better job, so it really up to you to recognize yourself or make sure you are getting that feedback! Then it is time to celebrate! Celebrate your hard work, talents, and gifts that make you the perfect employee and why you are a rockstar! But when you do get that promotion, feel free to go all out! Making career advancements are huge now-a-days and especially if you are almost done with school. All you will do after graduating is work for the rest of your life. So work promotions, birthdays, and holidays will be the few times you will have the time to celebrate you! Make it count, and know that progress is always good!

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Celebrate because baby you’re a firework!

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